Ermir Construction Company has adopted an approach which maintains and improves the quality of lives of its employees and social stakeholders; this approach has been shaped in accordance with the principles listed below with a view to minimizing the Kolin’s impact on the environment.

Ermir Construction Company undertakes that it will make utmost efforts to minimize the environmental damages that may arise and to compensate for the damages that may occur due to its corporate activities, including the sub-contractor companies it works with.

Ermir Construction Company is committed to compliance with all current applicable environmental legislation and with other requirements including internal standards and specifications, codes of practice, and customer requirements.

Ermir Construction Company is committed to a process of continually improving its environmental management system to ensure the changing needs of legislation and business are met.

Ermir Construction Company will ensure that appropriate resources are made available to enable this policy to be brought into effect and maintained, and that the policy is reviewed and revised at needed intervals.

Ermir Construction Company undertakes providing continuous training and carrying out awareness raising activities in order to improve the environmental consciousness of its personnel.