Ermir Construction Company is proud to be one of the leading companies with its high quality infrastructure and superstructure projects which are realized using today’s technology and innovation with its experience from the past.

Our company has become a leader in the fields of construction and engineering with leadership, competitiveness, timely delivery, highest quality standards and recognized safety performance.

Our vision and mission is to continue our commitment to excellence in the work we do in the years to come, to follow changes and innovations, to adopt better management and construction techniques and to successfully overcome all challenges.

Ermir Construction Company, has reached its present point by steeling its visionary stance towards the future and the experience it has learned from the past and gaining the trust of the people.

Ermir Inşaat’s most valuable asset is its name and its employees who live by this name. If there is anything about good, quality, discipline, it is brewed from the production filtered from us. I thank all my colleagues who have built the countryside and the cities together and I believe that our torch of togetherness will never go out.